STUDY IN JAMAICA AT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY,Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition

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02 de mayo de 2018
August 27, 2018

Gather Supporting Documents and Apply online
 To apply for an OAS – UTech, Ja. scholarship, applicants must fill out the OAS online scholarship
application form and attach ALL required supporting documentation. The list of required
documentation can be found through the link below.
 ALL the required documents must be combined into one (1) single PDF file (no larger than
5MB). If the file is larger than 5MB, you will be unable to summit the online form. The
application system does not allow for more than one document to be uploaded. Do not include
any additional documents besides those indicated.

The candidate should begin the admission process to the degree program covered by this scholarship
program. For more information on the application for admission process, please go to the university’s
Student/Applicant’s profile
Admission Process:
Before applying for admission, students are encouraged to read the program of study description, and
ensure that the study area fulfills their expectations and interests. For information about the Institute’s
application process for this Program, please visit the university’s website.

To apply for an OAS – UTech, Ja. scholarship, the applicant must fill out the OAS online application form and attach the following required supporting documentation:

1. Government issued ID – scan a photo of the passport page that contains the applicant’s full name, date of birth, and country of citizenship.

2. Admission letter – unconditional admission letter from the University of Technology, Jamaica.

3. Transcript or record of grades – Copy of Bachelor’s Degree Transcript. Transcripts must be translated by a sworn translator if English is not the original language of the transcript.

4. Certificate or Diploma – copy of Bachelor's degree diploma or letter of enrollment from current institution.

5. Two (2) Recommendation Letters – one of the recommendation letters should be provided by a university professor and the other should be provided by current
or most recent employer that includes: the letterhead of the University/Institution, the Professor’s/Employer’s position within the University/Institution, date and

- Applicants with no work experience may substitute the recommendation letter from the employer with a recommendation letter from a second
professor. The recommendation letters provided for admission consideration to the University can be used for scholarship consideration. However, if
you choose to provide new recommendation letters directly to the OAS, the letters should be addressed to the OAS Scholarship and Training Programs, Department of Human
Development, Education and Employment.

6. Essays – applicants are required to write and include two essays in the scholarship application form. The essays should be written in English. Each essay should
have a minimum of 800 characters (not words) and a maximum of 2900 characters, including spaces.

Essay 1: Describe how acquiring this academic degree will directly impact and enhance your professional skills in your current job position or future career.
Essay 2: Explain how you intend to apply the acquired knowledge and experience in the specific field of study that you will pursue to the development of
your country or region.
7. Curriculum vitae – in English and no specific format is required. Do not include copies of diplomas, certificates or awards; only include text.

8.Proof of English Proficiency, if applicable – applicants whose native language is not English will be required to submit one of the following as proof of English

A copy of an official transcript verifying completion of studies in an English speaking university or college in the last five years;
A test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 570 or higher for the paper based test, 230 for computer-based test, or an internet-based TOEFL (IBT) score of at least 79;
IELTS 6.5, or the equivalent.
Note: The date stated on the TOEFL or IELTS certificate must be within two years of your proposed start date.

9. Proof of Additional Funds – proof that you have sufficient funds to cover remaining tuition and fees and other costs not covered by the scholarship by including one, or a combination, of
the following documents with your scholarship application:

a copy of a rental agreement on property showing you as the property owner;
a copy of a bank statement or bank letter;
a letter from an employer showing a monthly or yearly salary to be received based on study leave with pay;
a letter showing a student loan or additional scholarship(s), grants, financial aid.
Questions about this scholarship opportunity should be sent to with the subject “OAS-UTech, Ja Scholarship Program”

Como presentar su documentación en La Oficina Presidencial de Becas:
1. Presentar toda la documentación requerida por La OEA en forma física
2. Presentar toda la documentación de manera digital en un CD escaneado en formato PDF, documento por documento

STUDY IN JAMAICA AT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY,Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition



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Applicants can contact Professor Fitzroy Henry at for more information
about the university’s admission process.

Más Información: 

Expenses not covered by the scholarship, and which are the sole responsibility of the scholarship
recipients, are:
In addition to the remaining program fees of USD $5,800, the
scholarship recipients will also be responsible for payment of
research expenses and any other costs not covered by the
These above expenses listed as financial responsibility shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the scholarship
recipients and the scholarship recipients will be responsible for payment of the remaining tuition fees and any other costs
as needed to UTech, Ja.
Scholarship benefits are subject to the academic performance of the scholarship recipients. In order to receive these benefits, the
scholarship recipients should not be reported with an unsatisfactory academic performance due to absences or failing courses.

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STUDY IN JAMAICA AT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY,Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition
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