Multilingual Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literary Studies (MUMA) de la VUB

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General admission criteria

In order to apply for the Multilingual Master, students will need the following documents:
•copy of their ID (front & back) or copy of their passport (if non-EEA citizen)
•transcript of records
•copy of BA diploma(s)
•proof of European health insurance (only for enrolment)
•motivation letter & CV
•2 recommendation letters

Admission is based upon the review of each application. After an initial check for the validity of the documents, there will be a short Skype interview, for which students will receive an email in due course.

Language requirements:

Prospective students can provide proof of sufficient knowledge of English as language of instruction by meeting one of the following criteria:

- having successfully completed one of the following language proficiency tests:
•TOEFL: minimum level: 213 for the computer-based test; 80 for the internet-based test
•IELTS: minimum level academic module 6.5
•CAE: minimum grade B
•CPE: minimum grade C

- having successfully completed at least one year of secondary school with English as language of instruction, or having successfully completed secondary school at a Belgian institution;

- having successfully completed programme units in higher education with a minimum of 54 ECTS-credits where English was the language of instruction.

Specific admission criteria

With a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literary Studies from a Flemish university, you have direct access to the master's programme.

All students who obtained a Bachelor from a non-Flemish university, will be contacted for a compulsory intake interview. This interview is conducted via Skype and takes approximately 15 minutes.

Students can only register officially within one (or two) language(s), for which they have obtained sufficient ECTS credits in the past. Therefore, a choice of language(s) should reflect a student's BA's degree. However, it is possible to take on courses in other languages, even though they have no official diploma in that language, given that a student feels proficient enough to be able to pass the exams. This choice is possible for the profile-related courses. Thus, we encourage multilingual learning in different fields of interest.

You don't have a BA in Linguistics or Literary Studies? This is the solution:

Do you have an undergraduate degree in another field of study? You can also enrol as soon as you have completed the preparatory programme for the Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literary Studies. This preparatory programme takes into account the ECTS credits that you have previously earned. It is tailor-made to your needs and is a compilation of BA-courses in Linguistics and/or Literary Studies. Students who would like to take up one language in their preparatory programme, can obtain access to the Multilingual Master within a semester or one academic year, based on previously earned ECTS credits. Opting for two languages is also possible. In this case, access to the Multilingual Master in two languages is granted after two academic years.
Application deadline

Prospective students are advised to apply as soon as possible, even if they have not yet obtained their degree. Applications can only be submitted through our website.

All students need to apply before June 1st.

Note: if the proof of English proficiency or APS certificate is not ready before the deadline, you can always submit it later instead of missing the deadline.

Tuition fees

All Flemish universities in Belgium, including the VUB, are financed by the Flemish government, which results in relatively low tuition fees. The general tuition fee for the Multilingual Master is €890/year for students with EU/EEA nationality and €2950/year for students with a non EU/EEA nationality. More information can be found via this link.

Multilingual Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literary Studies (MUMA) de la VUB

Descripción de la beca: 

El Programa de MUMA ofrece a los estudiantes la oportunidad de especializarse en seis (6) diferentes perfiles: lingüística, estudios literarios, multilingüismo y adquisición de lenguas extranjeras, psicolingüísticas y neurolingüística, intermediadlidad y meditación y comunicación multilingüe,. Los cures están diseñados para ser enseñados en el idioma inglés, per los estudiantes deben seleccionar entre los idiomas: holandés, francés, alemán, italiano, español, árabe, chino, portugués y ruso.

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El Director de Programas de la Vrije Universitat Brussel (VUB)


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Multilingual Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literary Studies (MUMA) de la VUB
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