Emergency Situation Preparedness

Fecha Limite para Aplicar: 
05 de febrero de 2018
Del 22 de abril al 10 de mayo de 2018

Application Requirements
The course is oriented to senior members of the different agencies that take part in a mass casualty event:
- Relevant National, regional or local governmental authorities.
- Police forces.
- Rescue and firefighting units.
- Military forces.
- Healthcare system.
- Relief and welfare agencies.
- Relevant civil society organizations / NGO's.

Application forms
Application forms and other information may be obtained at the nearest Israeli mission or at MASHAV’s
website: http://mashav.mfa.gov.il/MFA/mashav/Courses/Pages/default.aspx.
Completed application forms, including the medical form, should be sent to the relevant Israeli mission in the
respective country

Como presentar su documentación en La Oficina Presidencial de Becas:
1. Presentar toda la documentación requerida por MASHAV, Israel en forma física
2. Presentar toda la documentación de manera digital en un CD escaneado en formato PDF, documento por documento

Emergency Situation Preparedness


Location and Accommodation
MASHAV and N.E.M.A. award a limited number of scholarships. The scholarship covers the cost of the
training program including lectures and field visits, full board accommodation in double rooms (two
participants per room), health insurance (see below) and transfers to and from the airport. Airfares and daily
allowance are not included in the scholarship.
Health Services
Medical insurance covers medical services and hospitalization in case of emergency. It does not cover the
treatment of chronic or serious diseases, specific medications taken by the participant on a regular basis, dental
care and eyeglasses. Health authorities recommend that visitors to Israel make sure they have been inoculated
against tetanus in the last ten years. Subject to the full binding policy conditions. Participants are responsible
for all other expenses.

The course will be held at the International Institute of Leadership – Histadrut, situated
in Beit-Berl, Kfar Sava. Participants will be accommodated at the International Institute in double
rooms (two participants per room).

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MASHAV, Israel


For further information, please contact:
The International Institute of Leadership - Histadrut
Address: Beit-Berl, Kfar Sava, 44905
Tel: +972-9-7612312/04/02/23
Fax: +972-9-7456962
Email: alatina@peoples.org.il; sergio@peoples.org.il; uri@peoples.org.il
Website: www.peoples.org.il

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Emergency Situation Preparedness
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Fecha de Postulación: 
11 de enero de 2018
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Del 22 de abril al 10 de mayo de 2018
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En línea/OPB Oficina Presidencial de Becas